Timeraiser 2011 Artist Spotlight | Mia Weinberg: \\\”Inventions in my Dreams\\\”

By September 19, 2011Artists

By Vanessa Choot
In the weeks leading up to Timeraiser Vancouver 2011 we will be posting a series of artist interviews to spotlight artwork which will be featured at the upcoming event. Our third interview is with Mia Weinberg, from Vancouver, BC, whose piece “Invention in my Dreams” will be available to be bid on at this year’s Timeraiser in Vancouver.

Timeraiser: How did you hear about Timeraiser 2011?

Mia: I first heard about Timeraiser in 2010 from Michelle Kuen Suet Fung (an artist friend of mine) and I thought it was an ingenious  model. As a professional artist and an advocate for visual artists, I really appreciate the win/win/win aspect of Timeraiser, where organizations get volunteers, volunteers get original art and artists are paid appropriately for their work. As artists we are asked so often to donate our art, it is a joy and very validating to be paid while still contributing to a good cause. I had the pleasure of participating in Timeraiser 2010 and it was a fabulously fun evening.

Timeraiser: How does your piece, “Inventions in my Dreams” relate to your dreams?

Mia: My piece “Inventions in my Dreams” is one of a series of works that I exhibited in Edmonton in a solo show entitled “In the Land of Sleep.” I see these works as relating to my dreams in that they have a basis in reality (the real plants that I lay on my scanner as source material for my images) however through my creative process they take on a sense of fantasy and wonderment.

Timeraiser: What is the significance of the symmetry in your piece “Inventions in my Dreams”?

Mia: I often introduce symmetry in my work to shift the image from a realistic depiction of a plant to a more mysterious form that creates more space for the viewer to bring their own individual interpretation to the work. Also, bilateral symmetry often leads viewers to see fantastical creatures in my art which takes them off into imaginary worlds.

Timeraiser Vancouver 2011 is happening on Thursday September 22, at The Waldorf Hotel. Tickets are now on sale for $20. Click here for more information and to purchase your ticket.