Timeraiser and Social Procurement @ #ONN2014

By September 23, 2014Uncategorized
by Paul Gagnon

This week I had the pleasure of talking Social Procurement Strategies at the Ontario Nonprofit Network’s 2014 Conference. Joining me on the panel were Andrew Holeton and Jon Harstone from The Learning Enrichment Foundation, who are doing fantastic work in building a major positive community impact in Toronto in part via their growing Social Enterprise initiatives.

Also joining us was Aaron Hohn, who recently completed a fellowship at MaRS’s Studio Y focusing on researching, developing, and piloting Social Enterprise Procurement policies for Ontario nonprofits. 

Love @timeraiser ‘s full transparency of social procurement data (and everything else!) #onn2014 http://t.co/S1ddgDcu97

— Jonathan Gould (@jxgould) September 18, 2014

Aaron’s findings confirmed what we’ve also found – we’re still in the early stages in Canada developing formalized Social Enterprise Procurement policies, but there are other places around the world (notably Australia and the UK) where we can seek to at least refine our philosophy. 

I’ve posted here before about our own work supporting Social Enterprises across Canada, and took time on the panel to emphasize that any one org. doesn’t have to get bogged down in formalizing a policy – just start doing it! Nonprofits have to be at the forefront of supporting Canadian Social Enterprises, and though we have a ways to go before this becomes standard practice, I’m confident this philosophy will continue to spread.  

I look forward to seeing progress on this important subject next year at ONN’s 2015 Conference- held at, catered by, and featuring services provided by Social Enterprises!