New Blog Series:  What Tech Tools Should My Nonprofit Be Using?

by Steph McAllister

New cloud-based productivity tools are being released every day, each touted as revolutionary or groundbreaking, and each with its own catchy 60 sec how-to video (with requisite cheery, xylophone/whistle-based, soundtrack).  

But how do you know which ones to adopt?  It takes time and resources to get your staff or volunteers onto a new platform, so it is vital to do your research before jumping in head first.

That research can be overwhelming, resulting in tech stagnation or new app fatigue. And who has time to balance the pros and cons of adopting a new productivity tool, understand how tools in different categories stack up against one another, or assess what tools are best suited (and priced) for the average nonprofit? 

Well, TimeraiserPlus does!

Our new blog series will walk you through the important process of tool testing for your organization. Designed for both the early adopters, tech keeners, and the more hesitant among us, these posts will focus not only on comparisons of leading apps, but the process of piloting and “beta-testing” new workflows and applications. This willingness to explore is a vital part of a healthy, adaptable, and proactive org. 

Even though I said we have time to do this tool testing, we are also running cross-Canada programming as Timeraiser and TimeraiserPlus. We make the time because we recognize how vital it is to our continued success and efficiency. This blog series will show you how to embrace and manage change too.

To kick off this series, I will be taking a look at options for password management apps. The more we use cloud-based solutions, the more passwords we need to remember and the more data we need to protect.  Sounds like an ideal place to start.

Follow us on twitter (@timeraiserplus) for updates on our tool testing series. In the meantime, feel free to check out our existing tool catalogue to see side by side comparisons. If there is a tool your organization is looking for, tweet at us. We are always happy to take requests!