We’re Celebrating $1M Investment in Emerging Artists at Timeraiser Toronto on May 30th!

We’re celebrating an incredible milestone for the Timeraiser program. This season, we spent over $85,000 and supported over 75 emerging artists in Calgary, Hamilton, Montreal, Regina, and Toronto. This spend brought us to a total $1M investment in the careers of emerging Canadian artists since 2003.


This $1M investment has yielded 146,400 skilled volunteer hours benefitting more than 700 Canadian nonprofits. Based on Imagine Canada’s volunteer time/value ratio, Timeraiser’s artwork investment has generated $3,650,000 of social good for communities across the country.

Over the last 12 years, we’ve been proud to support the careers of emerging Canadian artists, by paying all of the artists we work with fair market value for their work. It’s our continued goal to provide artists a space to establish their careers, a space to connect with fresh audience, and a space to establish a strong patron base.

“Timeraiser has an unparalleled ability to provide exposure and financial support to serious up-and-coming artists. My continued participation in Timeraiser events has resulted in a growing audience and lucrative commissions allowing me to focus on my work full-time”  Multi-year Timeraiser artist, Adam Colangelo

The Toronto Timeraiser on May 30th will close off a successful Timeraiser Spring season that saw our April 30th events in Calgary, Hamilton, Montreal, and Regina raise a collective 16, 840 volunteer hours. We’re looking to Toronto to contribute 8,200 hours and bring us home to our season goal of raising 25,000 volunteer hours across Canada — adding to the total 146,400 hours raised since 2003.