Framework Takes Buffalo – Our 2015 Staff Retreat Recap

By July 23, 2015Framework, Governance

By Alicia Rose


Last week the Framework team headed out to Buffalo for our annual strategic planning retreat. We certainly had a lot to talk about. It was time to revisit our organization’s Vision and Mission – no easy task by any means. So we checked into our hotel and set up shop at the very cool dig Buffalo, which was our workspace for the next 4 days.

For the past 12 years, Timeraiser has been the signature program of Framework. We have focused on making creative connections between individuals, nonprofits and Canadian artists. Well, as they say, if ain’t broken don’t try to fix it. With over a million dollars invested into the careers of emerging artists and 146,000+ volunteer hours raised across Canada we plan on continuing with Timeraiser and are looking for ways to make it even bigger and better!

One of the ways to do this is to provide more supports and tools for the nonprofits that we work with.  For over two years, we have been building the TimeraiserPlus program. This program builds digital skills in the nonprofit sector and bridges the digital divide. While our TimeraiserPlus workshops have been a success so far, it is time to focus on building out TimeraiserPlus even more.



The first item to address was program branding. Though we want to keep the connection between the two programs, “TimeraiserPlus” didn’t give our stakeholders a clear idea of the area of this program. With that in mind, we have changed the TimeraiserPlus name to… (drumroll, please)… Techraiser. We are excited to officially brand this as a sister program to Timeraiser and in that spirit link the work they each undertake.


Now that we are building out other areas programming, it’s the time to look at Framework’s organizational role in connection to them. Many, many iterations were put together by the team as we whiteboarded our way through this process. We wanted to be precise, but not exclusionary – wanted to be broad but not vague. Above all, we wanted to be authentic to what we actually do. After 4 days we landed on some Framework messaging we are proud to stand behind:


We are dedicated to co-creating a better world and framing spaces for collaboration, sharing and openness.
We challenge the status quo in nonprofit and cultural spaces.Click here for the full story of what we developed during our retreat.

With Framework taking a more central role in our programming (think of an octopus and its tentacles) and looking at our role as an incubator – we need to change how we speak to you!  We want to clearly communicate who we are, who we serve and what we do in one central place, so we are developing a completely new website this summer. The team is busily building and we can’t wait to share it with you!

Not to worry, our retreat wasn’t all work and no play – thanks to our team tour guide Paul Gagnon, we got to enjoy some of what Buffalo had to offer including a very cool Elevator Alley Kayak adventure, a tour of the incredible Frank Lloyd Wright’s Martin House Complex.
 Have feedback on our new Vision and Mission? We’d love to hear it! Let us know. 
We’ve got more exciting news and changes to share with you soon! Stay tuned.