What’s in a Name? Introducing Techraiser

By October 2, 2015Techraiser

​When it was a concept it was Platformation.

As a project it became Sharesies.
When it developed into a program we named it Timeraiser+ (Or TimeraiserPlus).

Names are tricky, and in fact, coming up with them is big business. We’re an organization that is no stranger to change and are willing to tweak what is working and shift what isn’t. As Framework matures as an organization, our programs need to grow as well. What was once a little sister to our signature Timeraiser program,  Timeraiser+ has now grown in leaps and bounds. We have worked with hundreds of organizations and completed over 500 web audits of the nonprofit sector. So now it’s time for our program to leave the nest and stand on its own.

Without further ado, say hello to our new brand: Techraiser. 

Our program mission of collaborating with small & midsized nonprofits to create social change by working smarter in a digital world stays the same. Our look and feel has changed to reflect the the program mission. Now with two distinct signature programs, Framework’s future is looking even brighter.

​Over the coming weeks we’ll be rolling out some updated logos (See sneak peek above, courtesy of our amazing friends at Tamm + Kit), and we’ll be launching our new website. You can find us on Twitter: @Techraiser

Let us know what you think below and stay tuned! Our 2016 Techraiser programming is brought to you by Suncor.