We Are Framework!

By January 28, 2016Design, Framework, Technology

It’s been a long, strange journey (with a WordPress-related challenge or two or twenty), but today we’re excited to launch our new website, new logos, and a fresh look for our organization.

We have taken the bold step of combining three websites into a single cohesive site that clearly defines the relationship between our registered charity, Framework Foundation, and its two national programs: Timeraiser and Techraiser. We are still the same awesome organization that’s brought you thirteen epic years of Timeraiser events and three years of Techraiser digital skills training, but we’re now we’re positioning these programs under the umbrella of Framework. This structure gives us room to grow and to add new programs down the road. We have big ideas for the future of the nonprofit sector and now we have the website to get us there.

A huge (HUGE) thank you to the entire talented team at Tamm + Kit, especially Daniel Adams for creating our programmes’ colour palette and three new logos, and Ciabh McEvenue and Eric Bargenda for their insight and wisdom on all things designerly. We could not have started on this design journey without you.

Otherwise, our website redesign and development was done entirely in-house by Kate Browning, who volunteered her time (!) while on secondment to the Ontario Nonprofit Network and by Andi Argast, who has developed a true love-hate relationship with WordPress over the past six months. (Maybe more of one than the other… you can decide which.)

Nothing is ever quite perfect, and since that’s especially true of websites, we’ll continue to fine-tune things in the coming weeks. But meanwhile, please take a look around and let us know what you think in the comments. We’re pretty damn proud to say: We Are Framework.

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  • Hilary says:

    Hi there,
    I submitted a piece for consideration for the Calgary Timeraiser event last week and have not received a confirmation email. Who can I contact to see if it actually made it into the submission process or if I have to try again before the deadline? Also, it would be nice to be able to keep a copy of my submission for my records.

  • C says:

    When is the Ottawa artist submission deadline? Has it passed already?


    • Alicia Rose says:

      Thanks for your question! Timeraiser Ottawa doesn’t have a call for submissions open right now. The event was planned for last fall and was postponed until spring, so the artworks and nonprofits have already been selected. Please feel free to submit to Montreal if you like, just note that each artist is responsible for the transport of their artwork to the Timeraiser city if they are selected!