Two Programs

National Impact.

From Vancouver to Halifax

We empower small and medium-sized nonprofit organizations through our volunteer raising and digital skills building programs.


Curating quality connections between the next generation of Canadians, up & coming artists, and standout nonprofits through parties for social good

The Spark

Timeraiser began in 2002, when co-founder Anil Patel and a group of friends wondered how they could make it easier to find meaningful, relevant volunteer opportunities.


The first Timeraiser was held in Toronto the following year, and expanded to Calgary in 2006. Over the years, we’ve hosted Timeraisers in over 12 cities across the country. Check out our Impact section to see the Timeraiser effect.

The Lowdown

Timeraiser events are a night of art, music, fun, and networking with nonprofit organizations.


At the event, connect with the nonprofit organizations in the room to find skilled volunteer opportunities. Once matches are made, a silent art auction begins. Rather than bid money, attendees bid volunteer hours on artwork created by up & coming Canadian artists who are paid fair market value for their work.


Winning bidders have one year to complete their volunteer hours and collect their artwork. Visit the Timeraiser section to find out more about how the night works.

The Difference

Partnerships are integral to the success of Timeraiser. In each community, we are committed to building strong local partnerships within the nonprofit and cultural sectors.


Our events are successful largely because of our engaged and empowered local volunteer planning teams. Join the movement.


Collaborating with small and midsized nonprofits to create social change by working smarter in a digital world

The Spark

Techraiser (the program formerly known as TimeraiserPlus) launched in 2013 as part of a movement to encourage the nonprofit sector to work openly, collaboratively, and effectively.


Techraiser champions agile solutions in a complex sector, with a focus on helping organizations build their own scalable digital infrastructures.

The Lowdown

We collaborate with organizations to improve their digital competencies in the areas of document and asset management, volunteer engagement, and program impact reporting.


Drawing on our own experiences as a small nonprofit organization, we empower organizations to deliver services and communicate impact with minimal resources through our workshops, website audits and tech consultations. Read about some of our success stories.

The Difference

Techraiser is committed to developing original, innovative sector research. Over the past three years, we’ve analyzed over 500 nonprofit websites to gain a comprehensive view of the nonprofit sector’s online presence, inform our program strategy, and enrich the sector’s digital knowledge.


In 2016, we’re launching our Framework Fellowship for nonprofit professionals. Join us.