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Several times a year, we post an open call for artists to submit their work for the upcoming Timeraiser season. You can submit up to five pieces per open call and there is no fee for applying. Sign up to be notified via email when calls open.


We have an online application process for art submissions. In the application, be prepared to tell us a little bit about yourself, your work, and how you heard about Timeraiser. We’ll also need the year, size, and medium of your artwork. You set the price for your own work, up to $1,000.


The artwork is selected by an arms-length jury of Timeraiser volunteers and members of the local art community in each market. This means that art submitted for the Calgary Timeraiser, for example, is chosen by a jury in Calgary. Once decisions have been made in each market, we follow up with everyone who applied and let them know whether or not we will be purchasing their artwork.


If your artwork is selected we will send you a contract and payment electronically, and you are responsible for getting your artwork to us. Your artwork will be displayed at the Timeraiser, and event attendees will bid volunteer hours towards the art. We encourage you to attend the event and see how many volunteer hours your art will raise.


for the 2016 Timeraiser season

Deadline to apply for Calgary was February 19, 2016
Deadline to apply for Halifax, Regina & Vancouver was February 26, 2016
Deadline to apply for Montreal & Toronto was March 4, 2016


Submission Process

What type of art do you select?

All mediums of visual art are accepted: photography, oils, acrylics, sculptures, ceramics, textiles, etc. Take a look at what has been chosen for past Timeraisers to get a sense of the diversity of the work.

Which city should I apply for?

We encourage you to apply for the city where you live or that’s closest to you. Selection committees give priority to local artists, and you’re also responsible for getting the artwork to us if it’s selected.

Can I submit to more than one city/market?

Yes, but juries give priority to local artists.

Selection Process

Who sits on the art selection jury?

Juries typically consist of members of the local art community.

Why is the artwork curated in some cities?

In some cities, we are now selecting artwork through both the open call process and a curated process to ensure that we are showcasing the best that a particular market has to offer. Our goal is to raise volunteer hours for nonprofit organizations, and having amazing artwork to auction off is critical to meeting this goal.

When will I be notified if my artwork is selected?

All artists who submit an application will be notified one week after the deadline.

Why wasn’t my artwork selected?

Our jury can only select a limited number of pieces from the hundreds of applications that we receive, and they also aim to choose art that will resonate with the audience in each market.

Can I have more than one piece of art selected?

Although this is possible, most juries prefer to select from the widest range of artists available.

Payment Info

Do you pay for artwork?

Yes, we pay fair market value up to $1,000 per piece. It is up to you to fairly assess what your work is worth. Please note that this cost includes the price of a frame for the work.

How do I get paid for my work if my artwork is chosen?

We will send you an electronic contract to sign, and once this has been received you will be paid by email money transfer.

Do I have to sign a contract if my artwork is chosen?

Yes, and we encourage you to read this contract prior to submitting your work in case you aren’t comfortable with the terms and conditions.

Will I get a tax receipt for my work?

No, since you’re not donating your work we don’t give charitable tax receipts.

Showing the Work

Does my artwork need to be framed?

The amount you charge for the artwork must include the cost of framing, if your piece is meant to be framed.

Who attends a Timeraiser? What is the audience for my artwork?

Our target demographic is young professionals in their 20s and 30s who are just starting to build their art collections.

What happens to the artwork after the Timeraiser event?

Artwork will be displayed in the offices of our corporate partners during the 12 months after a Timeraiser. It will then be proudly displayed in a volunteer’s home or office.

Timeraiser IS amazing….If all organizations treated artists as fairly, respectfully and professionally as you do, we would not be struggling to make a living.

Suzan Mandla

The application process is very easy and well laid out! Whether or not the artwork is accepted, there is always a follow-up e-mail, which reflects the professionalism of the Timeraiser team.

Timeraiser Artist

Selling art is such a tough business. I'm part of a number of art groups that struggle with this ... Thanks very much for the opportunity to show at Timeraiser.

Timeraiser Artist