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Volunteer Positions

Check out the roles we’re currently looking to fill.

Timeraiser Planning Team Member

We rely on an amazing volunteer Planning Team who help us create some truly fun and memorable events in each Timeraiser city. Planning teams consist of up to 8 members, including two co-chairs. We’re looking for strategic thinkers, outgoing event planners, and awesome communicators who can commit to ongoing work throughout the year.


Roles & Responsibilities

  • Build and implement the local Timeraiser event plan. We provide a scheduled work plan and basic tools, but the planning committees ensure the event strategy will work in their community.
  • Engage with local leadership and community groups and help build partnerships in your community.
  • Raise local resources including in-kind sponsorship from local businesses. These resources go toward paying emerging artists for their contribution, lowering the event related costs, and rallying support for the Timeraiser program.
  • Help with ticket sales to ensure that the Timeraiser sells out in advance.
  • Act as an official Timeraiser spokesperson. Use your social media contacts to spread the word and build the hype. Talk to prominent bloggers and engage local politicians. Use your social network for good!
Interested in being a co-chair? Let us know in your application. The responsibilities are the same as above, plus taking a leadership role in the committee.
The Fine Print
  • Estimated Time Commitment: 10hrs/month
  • Planning Committee co-chairs can have a 2 year renewable term; other planning committee membership is ongoing
  • Framework will include a bio of committee members on our website and may publicize your involvement via our social media channels

Event Volunteer

Timeraiser event volunteers are our ambassadors for the evening and help make everything go smoothly. We rely on you to be friendly and helpful with the event attendees, nonprofits, and artists—many of whom are attending for the first time. There are several positions to choose from, depending on your level of comfort being on your feet and interacting with guests.


Roles & Responsibilities

  • Registration Desk: Help check people into the Timeraiser, answer any initial questions, ensure all guests have the information they need.
  • Timeraiser Liaisons: Working as part of a team, Liaisons answer any questions agencies or other guests might have. During the art auction, Liaisons act as referees to ensure the bidding rules are followed. At the end of the auction, collect the bid sheets so we can tally the hours. Some Liaisons are asked to help wrap artwork at the end of the evening, which requires being comfortable handling art and taking pride in a good wrapping job.
  • Emcee Liaison. Help our awesome emcees stay on track throughout the evening.
  • RBC Artist Award & Art Pick-up: Assist with running the online contest voting for the RBC People’s Choice Award, and answering any questions attendees have about the contest. Work as part of a team to manage the collection of art works by previous art-winners.
The Fine Print
  • Estimated time commitment: 8 Hours (1h training + 7h during the Timeraiser event)
  • You’ll attend an hour-long orientation in the week before the event to ensure you’re familiar with the key points of the Timeraiser event
  • Event volunteers are encouraged to help raise awareness of Timeraiser

Marketing & Communications

Calling all marketing mavericks and PR pros! Our small team can always use a helping hand in promoting our events, expanding our communications reach, and generating buzz in the social media sphere.


Roles & Responsibilities

  • Strategy & content development: Give us your strategic vision! Co-create digital strategies for Framework’s programs, and produce engaging, authentic online content that aligns with our mission, values, and mandate.
  • Community engagement & monitoring: Show us your community management skills by actively participating in dialogue with our online community. Support and maintain the growth of these online communities and appropriately respond to the program-related queries and questions that arise.
  • Advertising coordinator: Research and make strategic recommendations for ad buys promoting our events.
The Fine Print
  • Estimated time commitment: 8-10 hours a month.
  • This is a great volunteer opportunity for anyone who wants to work remotely.

Design & Brand Strategy

If you love discussing the finer points of typography and are obsessed with making things look pixel perfect, then this is the volunteer position for you. We’re looking for people willing to use their design and/or brand strategy skills for social good.


Roles & Responsibilities

  • Strategy & content development: Give us your strategic vision! Co-create brand strategies for Framework’s programs, and produce engaging, authentic content that aligns with our mission, values, and mandate.
  • Create and assemble Framework print materials including posters, event pamphlets, and Timeraiser art auction materials.
  • Produce original graphic elements for use in executive presentations, campaigns and miscellaneous assignments.
  • Design web assets for our websites and social media channels.
  • Assist with the redesign or creation of new website elements, as needed.
The Fine Print
  • Estimated time commitment: 6-10 hours a month; ideally with a 6-month commitment.
  • This is a great opportunity for anyone who wants to work remotely.
  • Access to Adobe Creative Suite or a similar graphics program is a plus.
  • Experience with brand strategy is a plus!
“In a nut shell, here’s why I got involved with Framework and the Timeraiser. Every so often we all come across an idea that changes the way we think or feel about some aspect of life. … [Timeraiser] is the kind of idea that is so innovative and powerful and yet, so simple and just plain cool, that you want to tell someone about it. And you want that person to tell someone else about it. And for that person to be sitting on an airplane bound for another city altogether to tell the person sitting next to them about it… and for that person to tell their cubicle neighbour about it and… well, you get the picture. Fortunately, that is just what is happening with the Timeraiser.”
-Lindsey Mattick-Davidson