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One city, one tool, one tech revolution at a time.

 Empowering Nonprofit Professionals Across Canada

As a small nonprofit, we understand the challenges facing the social good sector, particularly when it comes to technology adoption. Tech is more affordable and accessible than ever before, yet nonprofits continue to struggle to leverage technology.


Techraiser helps close the digital skills gap for nonprofit professionals. The sector is full of creative thinkers; our goal is to connect these people with the digital skills they need to work smarter, not harder.


We collaborate with small and mid-sized nonprofits to help them work smarter in a digital world through workshops, research projects, and custom digital consultations across Canada.
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As an individual who tends to shy away from technology in general, this workshop was a breath of fresh air.

Workshop Participant

Implementing these new skills/information into our newly formed organization will help us so much in getting started.

Workshop Participant

Opened our eyes

Workshop Participant


Our workshops provide an introduction to working in the cloud and focus on common program management challenges including:
Fundraising and Budgeting
Events Planning
Impact Reporting
Document Management
Database Best Practices.

We Listened

In response, we have expanded our workshop curriculum into the Framework Fellowship.

Key feedback from our half-day workshop attendees was that there is not enough time to fully immerse themselves in cloud computing opportunities, and to make plans to implement that knowledge at their organizations.

Many of the questions we have had during the start up of our organization have now been answered.

Workshop Participant

We learned SO much during this morning's session. So thankful for these skills to bring back to the team to create and better our website and overall organization!

Workshop Participant

Loved the simple solutions... I realized how to do things better that were so obvious and simple, but I never thought about doing them that way.

Workshop Participant


What happens when you connect a nonprofit professional with a technologist and add a dash of design thinking? Answer: Take Back Your Tech.

Our pilot event in Toronto offered nonprofits the opportunity to tackle a particular technology challenge by connecting with an expert mentor and strategizing how to overcome it.

Although expert consultation can range anywhere from $50-$200 an hour, at TBYT participants connect with a mentor for a 3-hour solutions lab for much less.

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It was so great to work with someone who is really knowledgeable about tech solutions. I've spent a lot of my time researching what's out there and it's really overwhelming - it almost paralyzes you, because you're not sure which option to pick. Working with a mentor is a great way to talk out the problems and get advice on solutions that really fit with what we're trying to do.

TBYT Participant

I loved the opportunity to learn about the great work being done by non profits around Toronto and to give back in a small, meaningful way.

TBYT Mentor

I was on the fence about whether I should come to this event because I didn't know if it was the right fit for me, and I'm so glad I did! Would definitely come back next year!

TBYT Participant


We dig deep with organizations across Canada to solve technology challenges. See some our past collaborations below.