Timeraiser Impact

One city, one work of art, one volunteer at a time.

Timeraiser is a

And unlike any other event.

A night of art, music and social good.

Nonprofits find skilled volunteers.

Up-and-coming Canadian artists are paid for their work.

Young professionals find meaningful volunteer opportunities.


Did you know the average household income for visual artists is almost ⅓ the national average?

Timeraiser values the work of emerging Canadian artists by paying fair market value, set by the artist, for every artwork we auction. Our events also provide an opportunity for exposure to potential patrons and media outlets before, during, and after the events.

Invested in Canadian Artists
Unique Artists featured across Canada
Pieces of Art Purchased

Timeraiser IS amazing….If all organizations treated artists as fairly, respectfully and professionally as you do, we would not be struggling to make a living.

Suzan Mandla

As an emerging artist opportunities like Timeraiser don’t come around very often. The uniqueness of this event launched me as an artist 5 years ago.... I strongly feel that my art is becoming more recognizable to the art world due these events....Timeraiser has broadened my audience and clientele.

Sarah Mulder

I got to present one of my pieces to an enthusiastic volunteer who had just finished her pledged hours. Not only was I delighted that my piece had inspired her, but just think about all those groups who benefited from her expertise and hard work, what a truly rewarding moment!

Lisa Ochowycz


Starting an art collection is often out of reach for young professionals whose income goes towards student loans, starting a family, or buying their first home.

How do we foster the next generation of arts patrons while valuing Canadian artists? We offer Timeraiser attendees the opportunity to earn a piece of artwork by volunteering in their community. Timeraiser art winners are not only proud new arts patrons, but they also benefit from volunteering and contributing to social good in their communities.

Art Winners (a.k.a New Arts Patrons)
Volunteer Hours performed by Art Winners
Average Bid (to be completed over 12 months)

Timeraiser creates a door into the community that more people should enter. Discovering the wonderful work people are doing to make our community a stronger, greener, healthier, more compassionate, more beautiful one is behind that door!

Cassie MacDonald, Halifax Art Winner

As a working mother of two young girls I found myself contemplating volunteering often, however the thought always ended in "I just don't have enough time". Inspired by the wonderful art, great energy and spirit of giving at the event I pledged 100 hours for a piece of art. Timeraiser was the kick I needed to make time in my hectic life to help others.

Courtney Sherwin, Vancouver Art Winner

...now that I have become a part of this wonderful program, I have come to fully realize the depth of this proverb: What I kept, I lost and what I gave, I have.

I'm honoured to have been able to give, and in return feel that I received so much. This opportunity has enabled me to work shoulder to shoulder with some amazing people who so selflessly give of not only their time, but also of their heart!

Kamar Kazmi, Toronto art winner


Finding skilled volunteers is a challenge. Timeraiser events offer organizations a unique way to meet talented new volunteers and to promote their work to a wider audience of supporters.

Canada’s nonprofit sector is responsible for many of the social services we take for granted, and volunteers are the lifeblood of the sector. Over 13 million Canadians volunteer, according to Imagine Canada, who calculate the monetary value of a volunteer hour at $25.

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As a data-informed organization, we track many aspects of our work, and in the spirit of open data we’re making this data available to you.

 This Google Spreadsheet contains all of the quantitative information that we collect about the Timeraiser program—such as number of artworks purchased, number of participating nonprofits organizations, and more. The data is updated every six hours and is anonymized. Feel free to download and do your own analysis; just promise to share your results with us!