Take Back Your Tech

Turn Ideas into Action in Just One Day.

Flip the script About Tech in the Sector

It’s time for nonprofit organizations to Take Back Their Technology.

Take Back Your Tech brings together a community of nonprofit tech-enthusiasts and newbies.

This one day event combines inspiring stories from a lineup of all-star speakers with hands-on technology troubleshooting and process development.


In the nonprofit sector we’ve got great ideas, talented people, and make so much incredible impact… Yet we are continually challenged by outdated websites, the inability to effectively share our stories of change, and generally just getting by when it comes to technology.



Join us as we challenge what’s possible, dive into provocative conversations, and work hands-on with nonprofits to develop real, actionable, solutions to tech challenges.

Tech Solutions In Your Hands

Track and measure programme performance and outcomes. Make data-driven decisions. Deliver world-class services on lean budgets.

Technology is critical to how nonprofit organizations manage and deliver programming and report on organizational impact. But how to pick which digital tools to use? What are best practices for creating and capturing data that demonstrates social impact? How to effectively engage volunteers in the age of information overload?


TBYT empowers organizations to create their own digital solutions, guided by skilled mentors with expertise in areas ranging from web development and design to impact reporting and database management.


Equal parts big-picture thinking and applied problem solving, Take Back Your Tech is a new way of approaching the existing digital skills gap in Canada’s nonprofit sector, focused on co-creating better ways to leverage tech tools to deliver programming and report on impact.

6 OCT 2015

Visit our microsite for the first-ever Take Back Your Tech event, or take a look at the Storify below. Join our mailing list to hear about next year’s events and find out what cities we’ll be in when we take TBYT on the road.